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Rajasthan Tour Package- An experience with Kings

India has a mixed culture and heritage to attract tourists. Beautiful lakes, scenic mountains and a large bucket of history crowned Rajasthan with jewels. Another history channel of India is Rajasthan. Generally, Rajasthan Tours divide its culture between historic monuments, conquered palaces and royal lifestyle to experience. From silver spoon to have a lunch on the floor seating has its own mesmerizing feeling. Rajasthan means a place where leaders are born to protect its country’s fate and glitter. This state identifies the Indian glory with the stories of bravery. TajIndiaTrip has various Rajasthan Tour packages which fit the pocket with unlimited historic knowledge. We have Rajasthan Tour plan which involves small villages to huge palaces and many more places to show.

Where festivals creates the calendar

Matsya festival

Matsya festival is known as the most important festival which happens in Alwar. This two-day festival starts in the month of October every year to showcase the royalty of Rajasthan with its rich cultural heritage. Matsya involves sports, dance, traditional songs, exhibitions and various other activities. So if you are planning a trip to Rajasthan then we have special Rajasthan tour packages for you to live.

Camel festival

Rajasthan is the place which has the real beauty of camels to show. Every month of January, Rajasthan has special arrangement for locals as well as for tourists and that is Camel festival. This festival involves Camel race, fur cutting design, Camel acrobats and Camel beauty pageant competition. This is the real chance who loves history and animals. Camel festival is another attraction of Rajasthan Tour.

Rajasthan has different places and each place has its own way of celebrating festivals. A tour to Rajasthan can actually take back you to the history and will switch on your taste buds each time you sense the aroma. Festivals, architecture, Huge palaces blessed this place and it has been India's one of the most visited tourist destinations.

Let the aroma steal your heart and each bud should feel the taste

It’s a saying, if you haven’t eaten Rajasthani food then your tongue is missing the taste and your heart didn’t experience the real hospitality. The heartfelt aroma from the chimney and soulful plate can serve you thousands of taste buds in a minute. Rajasthan tours have been planned by us for years in such a way so that we can make you eat like anything. The most famous and lip-smacking dish is Dal Bhati Churma, no dish or recipe is complete without it. While making Rajasthan Tour Plan, don’t bother with budget and just be ready to pamper your heart with delicious food.

A place where leaders have built their palaces

The princely state has confronted the royal disputes between leaders and every wall has a courage story to tell. Every fort has been made to flair the richness or to conquer the vanity. Rajasthan Tours has a high culture which louds the glory of history and brave leaders. Some of those huge and royal palaces are now converted into luxury wedding places or the most ethnic hotels. Rajasthan Tours will allow you to feel the royal heritage of India which is enough to mesmerize you.

Amber Palace

This royal palace has been made in the year 1592 by Raja Maan Singh. Ambiguous architecture has many stories to convey. Amber Palace is one of the high visited tourist places in Rajasthan. Our Rajasthan tour plan has many forts like this to visit which has temples, lakes and magical architectural sights.

Samode Palace

Your affordable Rajasthan Tour package has one another destination which seems like a creation of God. This 475-year-old mansion is now converted into a luxurious hotel which is immensely blessed with its décor. Intrinsic artwork and unusual paintings are the divines to digest. The marble floors, mosaic walls and floral motifs also give the palace a charming look. Rajasthan tours have a variety of choices and every choice is blessed with high architecture and heartthrob culture.

“Raj” means leading and “Sthan” means place. Truly Rajasthan is a place of leaders and surely Rajasthan Tours will make you know the importance of great leadership in our lives. Each Rajasthan Tour by TajIndiaTrip has been made in such a way which can excite each and every tourist. We know some has an extreme love for history and some always seek the best food. To pamper all these uncalculated scenarios, we have best Rajasthan Tour packages for everybody. Come to India come to Rajasthan and plan Rajasthan Tour with us in limited budget.